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Purple Flowers


Hello! My name is Alexis Lorentzen and I am a florist and horticulturalist in Columbus, Ohio. My husband and I moved from Iowa to Ohio in 2021 after graduating with a degree in Biology and Horticulture. Now, I get the privilege to work at the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory where I spend my days surrounded in lush tropical plants and blooming flowers. In the last four years, I have nurtured my love of plants into a love of creating and crafting beautiful flower arrangements for weddings and events.

One of the things that truly excites me is working with you to create custom floral designs that reflect your unique style. I'm here to listen to your vision and bring it to life, whether it's for your wedding day, a special event, or simply to surprise someone you care about.

I'd love to connect with you, whether it's to discuss your dream wedding bouquet, to discover the perfect houseplant, or to share your love for all things green and blooming. Let's make your floral and botanical dreams come true!

GET TO KNOW MY Favorite Assistant!

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make crafting floral pieces and installing them a breeze! My husband, Matthew, is the best assistant and loves to help me do all things, especially if it means he gets to use any of his plentiful tools to do so! He manages quite a bit of the business side of things and can craft a pretty sweet and handy spreadsheet on the spot.  :)

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